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Smart Sensor Devices is a Swedish company working globally with the latest IoT solutions. We are located in Stockholm, the hottest hub for IoT inventions. Get in contact with us today and explore how you can become part of it! Our long time experience in IoT devices and systems are crucial for giving your business the most for your investments, improve Time To Market and lower your risk.

The era of Internet Of Things has arrived.
Positioning you business for the new generation.

The era of Internet Of Things (IoT) has dawned. The demand on connected devices are major than any other technology breakthrough in human history, and these is only the beginning. Prepare your business for the future!
We can proudly offer one of the markets smallest, most cost effective and energy efficient platform for your IoT fleet, which will give you market advantages. Thanks to our strong relationship with smart chip suppliers and our unique business model we can provide Time to market, customized IoT sensors devices to your business as no one else.

Products and solutions for the future.

Our unique business concept gives you the opportunity to customize your IoT devices.
We can offer your business or organization a variety of IoT sensor devices from our product portfolio. Like Beacons, motion sensors, environment sensors, Tilt sensors. You can choose between several different power sources to your device. Like USB powered, coin cell battery or solar energy.